Friday, November 16, 2012

Khadro-La chants Lama Jandruk

Lama Jandruk chanted by Rangjung Neljorma Khadro Namsel Drolma aka Khadro-la, personal oracle to HH Dalai Lama:

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

HH Dalai Lama's teaching at the Tibetan Childrens' Village School (TCV) here in McLeodganj will be webcast live this weekend.  He's teaching on two important texts.

Visit HERE.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bring G20 On-notice about desperate state in Tibet

"The oppression continues in Tibet and the Tibetans are becoming more and more desparate. Since March 2011 nine young Tibetans, almost all of them monks, have lit themselves on fire. Please help bring their voices to the G-20 Summit in Cannes, France, 3-4 November 2011 by signing the petition found on the website" - Ven. Joan Nicell

Campain for Tibet also have a petition up at the White House site, and need to collect 25,000 signatures by 11. November.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama joins in prayers in sympathy for those who have died and others who have been injured in recent protests in Tibet at the Main Tibetan temple in Dharamsala, India, on October 19, 2011.

Why You Should Stand Up For Tibet from International Tibet Network on Vimeo.
You are not bound by what you experience, but by your clinging to it.
- Tilopa to his student, Naropa

Friday, August 19, 2011

HHDL live webcast teaching tonight from Helsinki

HH Dalai Lama will be teaching in Helsinki on lojong (thought transformation/mind training), on The Eight Verses of Thought Transformation, something he teaches on frequently.  It will be webcast live, but at 12AM Pacific Standard Time tomorrow morning ("tonight", midnight).   This may be of interest to those attending next week's day long retreat my brother-in-robes Ven. Chophel will be leading, or who have attended the teaching and meditation I led on this a few weeks ago.

Unlocking the Power of the Focused Mind

As long as our minds oscillate compulsively between agitation and dullness, wavering from one attentional imbalance to another, we may never discover the depths of human consciousness. Can the mind be irreversibly freed from its emotional afflictions, such as craving, hostility, depression, envy, and pride? Are there limits to our love and compassion? Is awareness finite and immutable? We know that the mind has powers of healing, which are sometimes attributed to the "placebo effect", and that it has the capacity to make us ill as well. What other powers lie dormant within human consciousness, and how can they be tapped? These questions have been posed by contemplatives throughout history, and focused attention has been a crucial tool in exploring them.
- Alan Wallace,
"The Attention Revolution: Unlocking the Power of the Focused Mind"

Thursday, August 11, 2011

HH Dalai Lama webcast teachings this weekend from France

Teaching in Toulouse, France on August 13 & 14: His Holiness will give teachings on Kamalashila's The Middling States of Meditation (gomrim barpa) at the Zenith de Toulouse organized by Chemins de Sagesse - Toulouse 2011. Contact

Time zone information here:

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kyabje (Pari) Dagri Rinpoche's Lam-Rim teachings this week

Freshly uploaded!  Kyabje (Pari) Dagri Rinpoche's teachings this week on the Lam-Rim from Kurukulla Center in Boston.

Je Tsongkhapa's "The Foundation of All Good Qualities" is a concise lam-rim text that teaches the entire breadth of the path to enlightenment, from the small scope to tantra, in just 14 verses. We are honored to host Dagri Rinpoche to give commentary on this important teaching.

Dagri Rinpoche is the reincarnation of Pari Dorje Chang, one of the great Lhasa geshes and teacher to many, including Lama Yeshe. After escaping from Tibet in 1982 he completed his studies and received his Geshe Lharampa degree. Thubten Damchow translates.

Day 1 - Tuesday 26. July 2011

Day 2 - Wednesday 27. July 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

HH Karmapa Live Webcast from NY

Livestreaming from KTD – Updated 18 July

July 15, 2011
Live streaming of  His Holiness the Gyalwang Karmapa’s  teachings and empowerment at Karma Triyana Dharmachakra will be available at their website on Monday and Tuesday July 18th and 19th.
Each morning session will start at 10:00am EST and end at 12 noon EST.  Afternoon sessions start at 2:00 pm and end at 4:00 pm.
Along with the live streamedcontent is additional information and audio stream translation in Chinese.

Update:  Mobile device links added for imobile devices as well as well as audio stream translation in Spanish on Live Streaming Page